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✦ General ✦

Where Are You Based?

Aetheris is based in the USA!

Does Aetheris Have Gift Cards?

Yes! Here we call them "gift tokens" and they can be selected at the bottom of the Artifacts tab (or furthest on the right on desktop)

Do You Take Wholesale Orders?

Yes! You can wholesale our products here via faire!

Will Preorder Artifacts Be Available Again?

Generally, yes! Artifacts previously available for preorder will usually be in stock once production has completed and all preorders have been fulfilled

What Are Two Star Artifacts?

We use the Aetheris Star Grading System when quality checking artifactts:

✦ ✦ ✦- The best of the batch! Always available until they run out of stock

✦ ✦- Still good but noticeably imperfect! Only available at a discount during vault openings or special events (publicly)

✦- Unsellable! Never available for purchase but may be given away for free or at cost depending on the circumstances

✦ Orders ✦

How Do I Cancel My Order?

Please email or press the chat button in the bottom left corner with your order # to request cancellation ASAP! Canceling your order may only be done prior to shipping, if your order has been shipped it cannot be canceled

How Long is Your Processing Time?

Our processing time is 1-4 business days under normal circumstances, during holidays or launches this may increase to 3-7 business days (PLEASE NOTE: processing time is the time it takes to pack all orders in your batch prior to shipping, it does not take shipping time into account)

I Placed a Preorder, Why Hasn't it Shipped?

Preordered Artifacts will always have the month they are estimated to be shipped in their description! In the case of a delay in production, you may be notified via email list or social media pages. Current preorder status may be checked at any time on our "Preorder Updates" page in the support section!

I Entered the Wrong Address on My Order, How Do I Change it?

Please email or press the chat button in the bottom left corner to change it with your order number & correct address ASAP! Address changes will only be effective prior to shipping, your order may not be refunded if the wrong address was entered incorrectly and your order has been shipped

Do You Take Returns?

At the moment Aetheris does not accept returns and all artifacts are final sale, however please contact us via email at or chat in the bottom left corner with your order # if there are any issues with your order! We will do our best to help :)

I made multiple orders, can they be combined?

Yes! As long as they both or all have not been shipped please email or press the chat button in the bottom left corner with all relevant order numbers

✦ Shipping ✦

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes! Aetheris is open worldwide except for Europe

Why Doesn't Aetheris Ship to Europe?

Unfortunately due to VAT tax we are currently unequipped to allow orders from Europe, however we are currently working to make that a possibility asap :)

Customs fees?

Aetheris is not responsible for any customs fees or delays due to customs

How Long Will Shipping take?

Based on average prior shipping times:

✦ USA: 1-4 weeks

✦ Canada: 2-5 weeks

✦ International: 3-12 weeks

*shipping times are calculated with covid delays in mind and may arrive sooner or later than estimated*

My Order was shipped but hasn't arrived, is it lost?

During holidays or the later end of the year, mail carriers get overwhelmed by a large influx of packages in circulation, during such times tracking may be inaccurate and expected shipping times are lengthened by 2 weeks domestically or up to 8 weeks internationally. Once an order has left Aetheris it is out of our control, however we are always happy to help via email at

My Order Arrived Damaged, What do i do?

Please email with your order # and pictures of the damaged artifacts! We will do our best to help find a solution :)

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